Central Park Proposal | Gaptsow Bridge

Nov 30, 2016

I forgot how exciting/nervewracking coordinating & shooting proposals could be!! Joe and my hubby were friends since they were in diapers, so when he told me that him and Ilse were making a trip out to NY so that he could pop the question, I knew I’d be clearing my schedule for the day! I had been coordinating with Joe for about a week leading up to the proposal, but both of us had never visited Gapstow Bridge before. Increase nerves. When I got there, I confirmed with Joe where he’d ask her to marry him, and I stationed myself on a bench right behind an innocent couple. They probably thought I was the creepiest person because I was in super stealth mode, taking a bajillion photos while swinging my camera around and proceeding to hide behind them. They left pretty quickly, ha! But all in good time, because right then, Joe got down on one knee, I shamelessly ran to the spot to paparazzi them, and Ilse was the happiest, most surprised gal on the planet. 🙂

Congrats Joe + Ilse!!

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