A Beautiful Adoption Family Session

May 4, 2017

I knew even before meeting Anna and Mitch that this would be an extra special session. I had heard about their story through a friend, and I was immediately drawn to their heart to build a family. They struggled with infertility for 6.5 long years when doctors confirmed that they would not be able to have a biological child together. In the midst of their devastation, Anna reveals, “While we struggled with infertility and getting to this process of adoption, one thing God has been revealing to us is the need to choose to worship him at all times, even when it is hard.” They went through a long process of adopting internationally from South Korea as they continually held onto hope and God’s heart for the orphan. They finally brought Nathan home this past January!! I cannot imagine what a joy, yet shock to the system it must have been to become a parent overnight to a 2-year-old boy (heck, I have a 2 year old myself and it’s still a shock to the system, but I digress…)

Throughout our entire time together, I could see nothing but JOY and LOVE mixed in with a little bit of chaos (sound about right? ;)) among the three of them. The absolute love Anna and Mitch have for Nathan was so evident and tangible, and Nathan bubbled over with life and joy. In fact, for much of the shoot, I found myself going almost full documentary mode and simply capturing the strong, natural connections they had among each other. Words can go far, but my hope is that as he grows up and sees these images of the joy he experienced with his parents, he will remember how very loved he is. As Anna sums it up so poignantly, “Every child deserves a home. Every child deserves love.” Congratulations to this amazing family. I cannot wait to see how God continues to write their story!

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