Portraits for Younghae of Logos Calligraphy

Jun 16, 2017

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more encouraging and genuine person than this woman right here. Younghae, founder of Logos Calligraphy, is one of those people who puts her whole heart into everything she does. Whatever she puts her hands to, she always strives for excellence.

It’s been such a blessing to witness her journey over the years first as a leader in ministry, then as a mom, and now as a calligrapher – all with that same heart of wanting to wholly serve others and leave a legacy of hope and love. She has definitely been one of my own inspirations as I launched my business and became a fellow creative and momtrepreneur 😉 So when she asked me to take some portraits for her while I was on the West Coast for a couple days, I couldn’t say yes emphatically enough! Though we’re on opposite coasts, it’s been so fun seeing our creative lives intertwine, and I’m excited to collaborate more! Brides, if you ever want custom calligraphy work for your big day, you know who to reach out to!!

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