Sofie | Brooklyn Lifestyle Newborn Session

Aug 31, 2017

Loved meeting sweet Sofie in her cozy Brooklyn home! How gorgeous is she? I discovered 2 things through this in-home session: 1. Being near newborns is dangerous, people! Baby fever is very real… And 2. Time really does fly by sooo quickly. As I captured these two amazing parents soothe, feed, and love on Sofie, I realized I don’t know how to take care of a newborn anymore! I remember during my own girls’ newborn seasons feeling that my life would forever be consumed by figuring out how to get them to sleep, and of course, cleaning spit-ups and blowouts galore. But seasons change in the blink of an eye (days are long, years are short, right?) and images of seemingly mundane things like diaper changes, feedings, and cat naps become heirlooms to remember the sweet beginnings of life, love, and family <3

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