N+D | Ringwood Park Engagement Session

Feb 21, 2018

What a blast exploring the beautiful grounds of Ringwood State Park with this joyful couple! I remember asking them before our time together what their hopes were for the session and which images were most important for them. They wanted images that captured what they love to do most – making each other laugh. They not only had each other laughing, but they had me laughing pretty much the whole time.. Their love and joy are so infectious 🙂
They also shared a story that had me laughing nonstop – it is a must-share!! 

“About a week after dating, Drew was very eager to help me around the house so I had asked him to drag a bucket of sauce for me across the living room. Instead of dragging (which I told him to do..) he picked it up by the flimsy handle attached which snapped and 5 gallons of hot soy garlic sauce spilled on my living room floor, under my couch and over my mom’s favorite carpet! He stood there in shock and I just fell to my knees dying of laughter. He kept saying “no this is not happening.. this is a dream”. Hahaha. Poor guy burnt his foot a little…. but we spent the next 4-5 hours or so laughing and cleaning the sticky mess together.”

Cannot wait to capture their big day in just a couple weeks!

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