Yu Family Update: Life With Baby Jo

Jul 26, 2018

It’s been about 3 weeks since we brought Josephine home. I feel like I was just getting induced and FINALLY meeting our 3rd girl.. yet the sleepless nights are so real, especially that first week home when we had to wake her up every 2 hours to feed her because of her jaundice. All in all, we are SO thankful for a smooth delivery (only took 2 contractions – 3rd child definitely flies out ha!) and a healthy baby girl! There are moments, no matter how sleep-deprived and foggy-brained I’ve been, that will be forever etched in my memory… 

– About an hour before Jo arrived, I adjusted the settings and pretty much threw my camera at my sister Jean and told her to take pictures of whatever she could. I’m so glad I did cause I LOVE the candid moments she was able to capture – all while being slightly traumatized from witnessing Jo’s whole birth! 😛 For the rest of the hospital pictures, Joel and I took turns capturing each other and the girls with baby Jo. In hindsight, I wish I’d hired someone to take a fresh 48-hr session so we could have some images with the whole fam… maybe for #4. Just kidding!
– Abby and Ellie meeting baby Jo for the first time – the way they peeked over into her bassinet, cautiously held her and kissed her chubby cheeks.. heart. melt. 3 weeks in, and they have both been over the moon with Jo in their lives, and even asking for more babies (um, no). A + E, on the other hand, have been fighting like cats and dogs now that E wants to do and have whatever A is doing. So A keeps warning her of how terrible her life will be once Jo turns 3, and I can’t help but chuckle inside 🙂
– I will never forget Abby’s response our first night at the hospital when Joel dropped by the house to say goodnight to the girls: “You came ALL the way home just to say goodnight to US?! Wow Daddy, thank you! You’re so nice!” “Of course Abby, you know the hospital’s only 5 minutes away…” “Still! You came all the way to see us!” Too funny 😉
– And Abby’s post-it note in response to Joel’s (photo below).. girlfriend is too much!
– For the first time, Joel has a proper paternity leave. It’s about time! Such a sweet season of bonding with the girls, making memories at home, and getting some much needed rest (aka, binge-watching Terrace House with me 😉 ).
– Being able to nurse Jo has been one of the biggest highlights for me so far. I exclusively pumped with A + E because it just hurt too much to breastfeed. The docs kept saying that if we were doing it right, it shouldn’t hurt at all.. so naturally I thought I was doing it all wrong. But thanks to some mama friends who shared their experiences, and said that it HURT for the first couple weeks and then got better, I decided to give it one more shot. Right when I was about to give up again and go back to pumping, something just clicked between Jo and me. I really never thought it would happen. It’s been such a new, wonderful experience being able to nurse! 
– Abby’s welcome home present for baby Jo <3 (last photo)
– I’m sure there are more, but Jo is stirring and photos are done uploading 😉 Enjoy!

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