Christina + Ben | Maternity Session

Sep 27, 2017

All the heart eyes for this maternity session with our friends, soon-to-be parents to baby girl Rachael! I think knowing their story of how difficult it was for them to conceive makes this session all the more special – truly a miracle and answered prayer. Can’t wait to meet you in less than a month, baby girl!! <3

A beautiful reflection from the mama-to-be:
“Ben and I have always known we wanted a big family, so we started our journey to conception a few months into our marriage. When we didn’t conceive right away, I thought something was wrong with me. Though our community kept ensuring us that our family would grow and the baby will come, it was hard to believe so when the results all came back negative. I became somewhat controlling in our marriage, taking all these various ovulation tests and downloading every fertility app I could find on my phone, which definitely took a toll on our marriage. It came to a point where I felt my faith was being tested, and half a year later of trying on my own terms, I decided to let go of my control. Without this burdening us, I was able to simply enjoy my husband again, and crazily I actually conceived that month! In hindsight, although it was only 6 months of trying, it revealed to me how much we genuinely desired a child. For us, this season created a deep and rich intimacy in our marriage, having learned to really depend on each other. I look forward to the last stretch of pregnancy and all the aches and discomforts, with the joy of meeting our daughter Rachael set before us. As I transition into motherhood, I’m beyond excited to lavish her with all the love I have. We are so anxious to meet her and I’m constantly amazed by the privilege I have in raising our children alongside my husband.”

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