Chang Fall Family Session

Oct 30, 2017

Love this family! How adorable are these kiddos?! My blogging has been few and far between these crazy days, but had to share some favorites from this session 🙂

And seriously loving this wisdom from the power couple: Never stop growing closer to the Lord. If you do that, you’ll view your spouse as God sees them. You’ll honor and respect each other so much easier once you realize that marriage is a direct reflection of your relationship with God. Know that there will be tough moments, even in daily life, but the best weapon to stopping those fleeting moments of anger, frustration, bitterness, etc. IS GRATITUDE. A heart of thanksgiving and the power of choice are keys to a happy and healthy marriage. Embrace the hardships (as well as the blessings) and be thankful because you have been fortunate enough to have that special someone in your life to go through it all with 😊

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